Let your journey to self begin…

It is only through healing yourself and reconnecting to the truth of your being that you can truly change the relationships and experiences around you for the better and get to enjoy the ultimate life experience.

Family ConstelLationS

Family Constellations aims to release and resolve issues within and between people by revealing a previously unrecognised systemic dynamic.

The healing takes place between you and your soul. The healing session works at a pace that is comfortable for you; the knowing Field provides the healing context, those represented provide feedback and the healer merely guides the process.


Intuitive Guidance

Receive insights and messages from spiritual guides, angels and light beings relating to your current questions, concerns, and issues. Different tools are used and combined, depending what is needed during your session. Each reading is unique to you, what you need to hear at that time, and how it needs to be communicated to you.

Transpersonal Numerology

Transpersonal Numerology is a unique personal and spiritual growth tool based on a person’s birth date. It is a simple, yet remarkably accurate and insightful means of understanding who we are and the nature of our personal software.


Angel Healing Therapy

Receive precious healing gifted from the angels. Feel light, uplifted and supported by beautiful angelic healing energy, loving touch and the anointment of angelic oils on the body.

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Heal yourself; heal the world

Heal yourself; heal the world

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